“Mensajeros de la paz” has presented the candidacy of Hope and Joy Foundation to the Princess of Asturias Awards of Concord.

A total of 288 entries from 57 countries have been proposed to the 2017 Princess of Asturias Awards in its thirty-seventh edition.

The Princess of Asturias Award of Concord is awarded to a person or institution whose work has contributed in an exemplary and relevant way to understanding and peaceful coexistence among men, to the fight against injustice, poverty, disease, ignorance, defense of freedom, or that has opened new horizons to knowledge or has also excelled in the conservation and protection of the heritage of humanity. The candidacies must meet the requirements of “being of the maximum exemplarity and the work or contribution of the candidates must have recognized international importance“.


 We believe that Hope and Joy Foundation deserves this award for being an organization with a great trajectory of aid to the most needy and disadvantaged among the disadvantaged, educating, healing and feeding, building and providing social infrastructures so that this can be a reality. With this, the foundation generates new opportunities for the most disadvantaged and forgotten, allows the development of communities that need it, avoids social exclusion and improves the lives of many in need.


Since 2001 it has been able to help 250,000 people directly and several millions indirectly, bringing education, healing and food where it is most needed. The Foundation was created in 2001, supporting various projects in India (such as the Asha Bhavan Center for the care of children with disabilities, microcredit programs for the empowerment of women, or campaigns for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as leprosy or tuberculosis) and incorporating those already carried out in South America, also it carries out projects in Spain, supporting families at risk of social exclusion
This award would be a recognition of all the work carried out by the Foundation during all these years beyond its borders and would also be able to help more people, extend their work and continue with the many projects they are carrying out.


If you want to help us, send us your support for our Application. You can download here (Support Hope and Joy Foundation) the model letter in PDF, you just have to fill it out properly and send it to:

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