Dentists in India

In the United States there is 1 dentist for every 1,600 people in comparison to 1 dentist for every 10,000 people in India (Data 2015).

Aware of this need, a team of dentists carried out a prospective trip to India, at the hands of the Foundation, to the orphanage St. Joseph y Mother Teresa of the TMSS (Tiruchirapalli Multipurpose Social Service Service) with Father Sussai (our counterpart in the field).

From August 26th to September 2nd, they will evaluate the needs and perform dental examinations (without Rx), and dental extractions to those who need it. They can attend around 50-60 patients per day but for this work we must set up an adequate and conditioned space and acquire the necessary material … and we hope to achieve this CHALLENGE with your help!

Necessary material:

* Medicines (Artinibsa, Xilonibsa, Scandinibsa, Instrunet concentrated in single dose, silk suture, sterile gauze, needles, masks, Examination gloves, dust gloves, hemostatic sponges, restorative cement, spatula double cement, forcpes, Mosquito nets, proclinic kirkland knives, aspiration syringes, diagnostic kits … among others).

* An office table, to be able to place the material properly, 6-8 chairs, basins, large garbage cans, bleach, napkins or wick paper, towels.

In the afternoons they will go to the clinic of a local doctor and work hand in hand and exchange knowledge with the local dentists (who have accepted this initiative with great enthusiasm).

This initiative will do great good for the minors of the orphanages and we hope it becomes a stable project that repeats year to year during a definite period of time.

We need your HELP!