Fundación Esperanza y Alegría has been selected by ICOMEM to support their hospital boat project

More than 45.000 people living in the Sundarbans region (Ganges Delta, India) will continue to receive free sanitary assistance. This is due to the Esperanza y Alegría Foundation being selected by the ICOMEM (Colegio de Médicos Madrid) to support the work done by four hospital boats that travel the region of Sundarbans.

The objective of ICOMEM´s aid is to ¨promote development in areas of health in the most disadvantaged regions.¨ From the 15 projects that were presented, only nine, one of which was by Esperanza y Alegría Foundation, have been selected and will come true thanks to this call for aid for which a total of 75.000 euros have been destined.

Sanitary assistance through hospital boats in the Sundarbans

The Sundarbans region is one of the most impoverished and vulnerable of India. Located in the Ganges Delta, between the far south of West Bengal and Bangladesh, it is composed of 52 islands inhabited and separated by multiple rivers and aquifers.

These extreme conditions make transportation, communication and basic sanitary assistance a big challenge for the people that live there. The majority of the population are very poor families that don´t have enough resources to pay for their medical treatments.

Thanks to this project, four hospital boats surround the most remote areas offering free medical assistance. In 2017, more than 45.000 people have been looked at by a doctor; have received first aid; given medication; diverted to sanitary centers and received lessons about health through participation in educational activities as well as other prenatal and postnatal care.

Each hospital boat counts with one doctor, a pharmacist, an X-ray technician and several nurses. The execution of this project is carried out by the local partner Southern Health Improvement Samity (SHIS) and since 2016 it also counts with the support of ICOMEM.