Socio-Sports School of Real Madrid Higher Sec. School y Sacred Heart Hr. Sec. School


The creation of socio-sports schools in Nazareth, that does not have similar initiatives in the area, this project has become a benchmark of success for promoting education and social integration of children with low resources through sports.


Promoting social integration and personal development of 400 students with low resources by sport training.


The socio-sports school is located in Tiruchirapalli, in the state of Tamil Nadu.


  • A sports education program has been implemented.
  • Ludic workshops and didactics to parents and students have been developed.
  • Development of leisure activities between students and the community.


  • Directs: 400 minors,  all of the boys?Without discrimination of religion, caste or other factors, both schools receive  orphan children, with no resources or in high risk of social exclusion, distributing the beneficiaries the following way:
    – R.C. Higher Secondary School: 200 minors.
    – Higher Secondary School Sacred Hearth: 200 minors.
  • Indirects: relatives of these 400 minors, aprox. 1600 people. As the children, they belong to families with low resources and risk of social exclusion and poverty.

The creation of socio-sports schools in Nazareth, that did not have similar initiatives in the area, has become a benchmark of success for promoting education and social integration of children with low resources, through sports.

Therefore, in 2015, the Tiruchirapalli Multipurpose Social Service Society (TMSSS) and the Real Madrid Foundation decided to implement two new schools in one of the schools that TMSSS have in Trichy. Thus strengthening the comprehensive strategy that is being developed to prevent school dropouts and promote the education of orphaned children, or families with low incomes.

The project aims to encourage personal development and social integration of these minors, through sport and also to generate a healthy alternative in their leisure time.

These two socio-sports schools, implemented in collaboration with the Real Madrid Foundation, aim to improve the personal, educational and social status of most vulnerable children in these areas through sports training, school support classes, health screenings, food reinforcements and participation in tournaments, championships and leisure activities, among other activities.

Sports training received by the children of the socio-sports schools are not only to improve health and psychomotor aspects. The specificity of the method of training schools of the Real Madrid Foundation, called “They play, we educate,” is the use of sport as a tool to promote healthy habits and education training in values.

Also, in order to educate parents about the importance of education of their children and to strengthen the family unit, lectures and workshops for parents and students are implemented, providing the tools that allow them access to a better future.