The Foundation signs a collaboration agreement with the company AUARA

On Thursday April 19, 2017, the Esperanza y Alegría Foundation signed a collaboration agreement with the company AUARA in order to continue helping the disadvantaged. From the Foundation we hope to work closely with AUARA together from the social and solidarity commitment to give access to drinking water and sanitation to schools and orphanages in India or where the Foundation has a project and detects a need.

La Fundación Firma Acuerdo con AUARA

María Moreno (President of the Esperanza y Alegría Foundation) and Pablo Urbano (Head of Operations, AUARA)

The Esperanza y Alegría Foundation is a Foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life of people in situations of vulnerability, supporting development initiatives in collaboration with organizations with a strong local roots. Our fundamental mission is Education, convinced that only through education we promote the development of the people to whom we address and generate new opportunities. In addition, we guarantee access to education by focusing our projects on other necessary areas, such as the construction and maintenance of social infrastructures, health and food safety.
AUARA is a social company whose object is the sale of bottled mineral water and that dedicates 100% of its dividends to work for human development in vulnerable populations of developing countries. This activity is materialized through cooperation, taking water as a fundamental focus of action, facilitating access to drinking water and general use for people living in situations of extreme poverty, and through any other activity that contributes to improve their life conditions. In its activity, there is the intention to claim access to drinking water as a universal right, and the willingness to put the means to make that right a reality. Water is, therefore, the motive of all the actions of AUARA, being the base for projects of nature and very diverse impacts. AUARA means, in amahárico, Ethiopian language: “Storm of sand in the desert”