World Forum on Urban Violence.

The NGO-Spain Coordinator is the state network of organizations and social platforms working in the field of development, international solidarity, humanitarian action, education for global citizenship and in defense of Human Rights.

As part of this group, the Foundation can exchange learning with other platforms by actively participating in initiatives with partner organizations and other groups; To be trained through courses in the Co-ordinator’s training program and obtaining up-to-date information on international cooperation for development; And access other networks that work in the defense of Human Rights, in the defense of the planet and in the fight against inequalities.

Also, it acquires the Transparency and Good Governance Seal of the Coordinator and will have a Code of conduct, which guarantee transparency and self-regulation, values ??very important for any foundation.

In addition, from the Esperanza y Alegría Foundation we will be able to share our work, update ourselves and continue to progress in our work helping the most disadvantaged.

It is a new challenge and a joy for the Foundation and for all the people we represent.