All our projects are based on the education of the most disadvantaged. Education is the foundation for the development of people and the way out of exclusion and poverty. Our intention is to provide the tools and the necessary preparation in order to promote the development of the people to whom we are directed towards, create new opportunities, and improve their socio- economic situation and communities.

Vidivelli Special School
Construcción y mantenimiento del Centro de Educación Especial Annal Hope & Joy para menores con discapacidad

Social Infrastructure

The construction of educational and social infrastructure is a necessary condition to promote education. Many educational projects require an initial investment in infrastructure, in addition to renovation and expansions as a response to increasing need.


People´s health is essential for the development of their lives and for their access to education. In order for education to reach those that are most in need and  for it to be effective, it is necessary to establish a strategy in the field of health, including not only primary care, but also programs for preventing diseases such as tuberculosis or leprosy.


Food Security

Along with sanitation, good nutrition is a necessary condition in order to successfully develop our educational mission. The implementation of nutritional programs and demonstrating support to our beneficiaries when it comes to nutrition refers to guaranteeing their well-being and ensure their intellectual development.



Poverty and inequality are a big part of the lives of the beneficiaries in our projects. These two issues among minors and youths result in high levels of illiteracy and a large percentage of child labor. Welfare and development of minors is one of the main concerns of the Foundation since they are the future of the communities we support.

Construcción y mantenimiento del Centro de acogida y residencia de menores Joachim Anbagam


Women are the pillar of society, the family economy and the main transmitters of values and traditions. Although legislation in many countries advocates equality and non-discrimination for women, their social and economic recognition is far from being a reality. Therefore, the Hope and Joy Foundation works to promote the important leadership role they should play in the progress of their communities.

Youth and minors with disabilities

Poverty is a threat to the development of people and a constant struggle for survival, which is accentuated when people, especially minors, are vulnerable because of their disability. The Foundation seeks to improve the conditions of this group to lead a dignified life, be as self-sufficient as possible and be integrated into society.

Vidivelli Special School
Vidivelli Special School

Severe Chronically Ill

Since its inception, Hope and Joy Foundation serves the severe chronically ill, carries out projects as a hospital ship for the distribution of medication in the Ganges Delta, and uses prevention programs and care for tuberculosis or leprosy. In addition, all projects ensure health care for beneficiaries to whom it is addressed in order to facilitate their access to education.

Sectors at risk of social exclusion

Due to the difficult circumstances being experienced in Spain at the moment, the Foundation works on various projects to alleviate the situation of families in need. In this way we try to cover their basic needs, especially in terms as food is concerned. We also encourage education in order to provide opportunities for the future.



At the Hope and Joy Foundation we work closely with partners and institutions in developing countries to promote sustainable and endogenous development of the communities we support. In this way, we respond to their real needs, respecting their culture and priorities and promoting their empowerment so that they may be the protagonists of their own development.

Our local partners best know their needs, while we bring our knowledge and experience in cooperation, advising at a technical level in identifying and finding solutions, getting funding, monitoring the implementation of projects and making evaluations that will serve as learning opportunities for both institutions.

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