María Moreno Sorrosal

Ramiro Mato

Ramiro Mato García Ansorena

Concha Tallada

Concha Tallada Alarcón

Enrique Ybarra

Enrique de Ybarra e Ybarra

Blanca Entrecanales

Blanca Entrecanales Domecq



Administration and internal logistics

Coordinates and supervises administrative activities, bookkeeping and internal management of the institution.

Partner Management

Concerns all activities in reference to the management and attention of partners.

Communication Areas

In charge of the corporate image of the entity as well as the all activities related with the external communications that give visibility to the labor of the Foundation, our mission and the values we promote.

Awareness of Actions and Sensitization

The Hope and Joy Foundation implements activities to sensitize the general public including participation in events and conferences in various areas of society (universities, schools, cultural centers … ) and participation in platforms and encounters of the third sector for the exchange and promotion of good practices.

Project Areas

Tends to everything related to the management of projects that are related to international cooperation and social action, from its identification, to its follow-up and its evaluation.


On the one hand, we organize activities and events and on the other we present projects to both public and private calls all with the objective of raising funds for the development of the Foundations project.

Volunteer Area

Responsible for the management of  the Foundation volunteer program as well as the international volunteer programs for volunteers who collaborate with our projects in India as well as the volunteers in Spain.