Esperanza y Alegría Foundation understand transparency and accountability as an exercise of responsibility and ethical requirement, demonstrating clear accounts. We work efficiently and effectively guiding our actions to achieve maximum impact, according to our mission.

The Foundation, was founded on May 25, 2001 as a nonprofit organization, it is registered under No. 28 / 1,199 in the General Division of Foundations of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy.

Esperanza y Alegría Foundation is registered with # 28 / 1,199 in the General Division of Foundations of the Ministry of Social Affairs since May 25, 2001 with CIF G-83014233.

Like other foundations, we are subject, among others, the Law 50/2002 of Foundations and its implementation of regulations. The Law 49/2002 of Taxation of Nonprofit Institutions and Royal Decree 1491/2011 by the regulations adapted by the General Accounting Plan to non-profit entities, as well as our own statutes and codes of ethics were approved. This legislation requires that the Foundation meets certain legal duties and respond to labor and tax obligations.

In addition and to promoting our principles of transparency, the Foundation conducts annual audits with accounting Associate Companies biannually accounts and also subjected to analysis of Transparency and Good Practice Loyalty Foundation. At the Foundation, we also have several tools of control and accountability, working every day to be more effective, efficient and improve management excellence focusing.