Charitable Function of ’33 El Musical’ in favor of Fundación Esperanza y Alegría

The following Friday 4th of January, at 17 hrs in Ifema, the show of ‘33 El Musical’ will take place once again to offer a charitable show, which coincides with the proximity to the holiday of the Three Kings. This solidary function will destine 33% of what is collected from the ticket sales to finance the projects of four NGOs like Fundación Esperanza y Alegría, Cáritas, Escuelas Católicas and Mensajeros de la Paz.

From ’33 El Musical’ we are told that making a charitable show was essential, especially because of the Christmas spirit and its theme on the life of Jesus from Nazareth. Besides this solidary show, ’33 El Musical’ also collaborates with these four NGOs and destines a percentage of the money made from the merchandising sales.

The musical of the year

“33 El Musical” narrates the life of Jesus of Nazareth in a way that hasn’t been done ever before. It promises to touch all spectators and to become the musical of the year.

The show is represented in Ifema, Feria de Madrid, an enclosure of 7.000m2 created ad hoc for the representation of the musical – including a domed carp of 2.000m2 in which an Italian wing theatre has been built with capacity for 1.000 spectators, and one of the biggest stage mouths of all time.

The team that makes up “33 El Musical” has accumulated experience from working in musicals such as The Lion King, The Beauty and the Beast, Billy Eliot, Mama Mia, The Bodyguard, The Phantom of the Opera, within many others.

Buy your ticket before they run out. Ticket sales available in their web.