Improvement works in the health centre Annai Valiankanni have been finished

The health centre Annai Valiankanni (Manjampatty, Tamil Nadu, India) counts with a new and renewed aspect, thanks to the renovation and reformation works that took place during 2018 and with which we also received support from Fundación Roviralta.

This centre, managed by our social partner TMSSS and that responded to over 500 people a month, showed deteriorated facilities and a barely safe environment for the patients; people without resources of rural areas – especially children, women and the elderly. This repairmen allows the centre to now give sanitary services of a higher quality and safety to the rural communities of Manaparai, Manjampatty, and surrounding areas of the Tiruchirappalli district, in the Tamil Nadu state.

The repairmen works have been the following:

  • The floors and walls of all toilets and bathrooms of the health centre were tiled so that they were more higenic. In total two bathrooms were renewed, two individual toilets and two combined bathrooms.
  • The damaged doors and windows have been replaced and others were repaired and painted.
  • The rusted and damaged furniture of the health centre (benches, tables, stools and cribs) were sanded, painted and repaired
  • The shelves that were used to store medical instruments and those of the external consulting rooms were covered with glass doors.
  • The laboratory was re-equipped with new and modern tools and equipment to facilitate the tests to be more precise and reliable. The equipment of the maternity ward was also renewed.
  • Damaged or out of service refrigerators were replaced with a new one to maintain the medicines at an appropriate temperature.
  • The building was painted on the outside and inside. At the same time of the repairment activities, the electric instalment was also renewed.

Impact of the renovating project of the clinic

On top of offering better quality sanitary services and of a greater safety, the general healthiness of the centre has also improved. A safer hospitalization service is given and a maternity service has been reopened. Since the start of the project three births have taken place.

The quality of the laboratory service has also improved, with new equipment having been bought and blood analysis are now taking place. This lab is the only one with these characteristics in the local area, as well as the only one affordable for the population, as other laboratories situate in the cities have higher prices that patients cannot pay.

With this renovation, the clinic offers the adecuate attention and integral that allows patients to have no need to go to higher priced centres, like private ones that have a clear economic orientation. As most of the beneficiaries that ask for the health centre’s services have very few resources, this clinic is of great help for them. They save time and money, which translates to an improvement in their living conditions.

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