Home of San José and Mother Teresa: reception and education of orphan minors with scarce resources in Nazareth


In 2012, the Foundation began working with the TMSSS, in a project that had for the reception and rehabilitation of street children.

Mother Theresa and St. Joseph Home


Guarantee the minimum conditions for quality of life for the 130 minors that live in the Home of St. Jose and Mother Teresa.


The Home of St Jose and Mother Teresa are close to the Higher Secondary School of  St. Thomas, located in Nazareth, 25 km from Tiruchirapalli, in the state of Tamil Nadu.


  • 100% of the housed minors have covered their basic needs in housing, nutrition, health and clothes.
  • 100% of the minors housed received education.
  • 100% of the minors housed improve their self-stem and integrate in the community.


  • Directs: 80 boys and 80 girls are housed in the St Jose and Mother Teresa respectively.
  • Indirects: Parents and relatives of these 160 minors, and also the community.

In 2012, the Foundation began working with the TMSSS, during a project for the reception and rehabilitation of street children. The evaluation of this and other projects in TMSSS concluded that the non-completion of studies continued growing year after year. Therefore, the TMSSS decided to implement several programs in order to develop a comprehensive strategy to promote education among orphaned and vulnerable children.

For this reason, the St. Thomas School was built in 2013 in Nazareth-a rural area near the town of Tiruchirapalle. Here children and minors who were rescued from the streets, left orphaned or had economic conditions that could not allow access education could find a safe space.

Home “San Jose” for boys and the “Mother Teresa” for girls, provides accommodation and the most basic needs of these minors in terms of food, clothing and hygiene. In addition, their reception in these homes allows them to be educated at St. Thomas School, and to receive support classes in training centers.

Maintaining these homes can alienate children from child labor, which most of them were condemned to due to their economic and social status, and obtain tools that allow them access to a better future.