Bus Transportation for Women and Children


The project involves the purchase of a bus to transport the participating women, children and the project team.

Autobus para transportar a mujeres y niños


Expand the number of beneficiaries and facilitate the attendance to the workshops and the scheduled activities in a comfortable and safe way.




  • The buying of a bus
  • Start of a kindergarten for the children of the participants
  • Safe and comfortable transport for the participants of our projects.


  • Direct: 30 women and 60 children

The foundation bought a bus which would help transport about 30 women and 60 children who live in situations of extreme poverty.  The objective is to make transportation to other projects, such a workshops and trainings, easier and safer and thus raise the number of participants and beneficiaries of these projects.

Moreover this bus allowed for the start of a kindergarten for the children of the women participants of our projects and for those children who do not have a school in their vicinity.