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Fr Ignatious St Antony Parish

Construction of additional classes in the elementary school of St. Joseph´s


At Fundación Esperanza y Alegría we seek to allow minors to stay away from child labor, continue their education …

Construcción de clases adicionales en la escuela de primaria de St. Joseph’s

High School – Saint Anthony Parish Avadi Neighborhood

Avadi, Chennai

Foundation in 2013 financed the construction of three additional classrooms in the school and five sanitation installations to cover the basic …

Soberanía alimentaria en un centro para enfermos de VIH/SIDA en Manmad

Food Sovereignty in a center for the living with HIV/AIDS


The center on a daily basis cares for the sick and according to their state some are admitted for whatever time necessary.

Centro de formación profesional de St. Anne’s

Vocational Training Center of St. Anne´s


The objectives are helping them learn a trade that would help them with the social and labor integration and prepare them for independent living …


Special Education Center Annai Annammal for the attention and Education of minors with Disabilities


Center for the attention and education of boys and girls in the zone that due to their disabilities …

Construcción y mantenimiento del Centro de acogida y residencia de menores Joachim Anbagam

Construction and maintenance of the shelter home and youth residence Joachim Anbagam


The Joachim Anbagam orphanate has it goal in receiving and offering a minimum life conditions for the orphan kids and the disadvantaged, and promoting …

Vidivelli Special School

Construction of new classrooms and multipurpose room in Vidivelli Special School


The school provides basic training both official and unofficial in addition to a variety of therapeutic programs, physiotherapy …

Centro SONTHAM de acogida y rehabilitación de Niños de la Calle

SONTHAM centre of reception and rehabilitation of street children


Since 2012 the Foundation have been supporting this Project of reception and rehabilitation of Street children of Tiruchirapalli.

Women’s Polytechnic School and Student Residence


The Annai Velankanni Polytechnic College and the St.Anne’s College of Engineering and Technology is an institution…

Elementary and Secondary Muthayiar


This school, awarded as the best school in Tamin Nadu, for its academic excellence on two occasions, offers…

Home Integration Nambikkaiyagam


This home, which was formally opened in March of 2011, principally aims to develop the intellectual capacities of…

Asha Bavhan Center


The mission of the Asha Bavhan Center (ABC) is to help the most vulnerable people in society, children and women, in particular…

Home Udayan


Udayan is a residential center for the care, rehabilitation and development of children sick with leprosy that was founded…

Construction and Maintenance of the Annal Hope & Joy Special School for Children with Disabilities


The Foundation has been supporting the school since 2010 building and expanding the installations, improving its facilities and financing the annual maintenance cost per user…

Construction of a science laboratory in the St.Francis High School

Tamil Nadu

The new laboratory funded by the Foundation in 2015 to serve older students can successfully complete their studies according to the levels established by the government of Tamil Nadu…

Women of Ganges Delta

Ganges Delta

The Foundation supports the following projects: training for women: training courses in hygiene, pediatrics, nutrition and job training for women without resources…

Education for Women in Villages

Tiruchirappalli and Kameswaram

Awareness workshops for women in rural Trichy and Kameswaram on health, hygiene, pediatrics and healthy habits…

Rehabilitation Center STAR SPECIAL SCHOOL of St. Anne´s


The St. Anne’s  Rehabilitation Center known as Star Special School, began its work in 1984 with 5 minor mentally disabled…

Installation of a purifying water plant in Sahaya Madha High school


Hope and Joy Foundation funded in 2016 the installation of a water treatment plant and the construction of sanitation facilities…


Seagull day center and School of Parents


In 2011 the Foundation signed an agreement with the Marillac Association with the objective of financing fan existing project …

“Montserrat Caballe” Residence


The Foundation City of Hope and Joy financed an equipment nursing room in the “Montserrat Caballe” residence.

House of peace


The Foundation has supported a shelter that the NGO Messengers of Peace uses to take in children who are hurt or sick that come from countries …

Support of poor families in risk of social exclusion in the neighborhood of Risco de San Nicolás

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

This project aims to continue the work done by our Foundation in the last for years, with the collaboration of the Dominican sisters, supporting families with low income and difficulties to cover their basic needs.


Centre for the women and children


In 2009, the Foundation helped in the building of a Wellness Center for Women and Children in Tangail, Integrated Program …


Katmandu-Daleki and Catalonia Schools of Vicki Sherpa


In 2007 we help Vicki Sherpa Eduqual Foundation in sustaining Daleki and Catalonia School in Nepal, which benefited  …



Shelter home and education of street girls


In 2010 the Foundation helped in the building of a boarding school to promote education for street girls neighborhood Houéyogbé …


Center of secondary education and social promotion


In 2010 the Foundation supported the construction of a secondary education and of social promotion in the neighborhood Simbock, Yaoundé.


Construction and equipment of the orphanage


The City of Hope and Joy Foundation constructed and equipped this center in 2007 so the minors could have a home and professional …


Bus transportation for Women and Children


The project involves the purchase of a bus to transport the participating women, children and the project team…


Subsistence support for women and women with children

Sierra Leon

After the bloody civil war, which took place in Sierra Leon, many women, who were kidnapped and used as sex slaves, were left to their fate…

St.José Home

Buenos Aires

In 2004 the Foundation helped in the maintenance of a residence for elder women, because of different reasons they were …

Sarah’s House, Home of teenagers mothers

Buenos Aires

The Foundation helped to raise funds for the construction of this home with the help of the NGO Messengers of Peace that offered …

Home for children with HIV/AIDS

San Martin

The Children’s Home “San Martin” for children with HIV +, is located in the town of San Martin, was created in 2004 by the NGO Messengers of Peace.

Child developments center

San Salvador

In 2006 the Foundation collaborated with the CINDE Association for Child Development and Human Development in its program …


Elderly dinning room

La Habana

In 2007, the Foundation helped to build a canteen for the elderly in Havana.


Leukemia Treatment


The organization signed an agreement with the Spanish Foundation to fight Leukemia, and during the years 2007 and 2008 helped …


Building capacity and skills for the integral development of children living in high-risk neighborhoods of Piura


This project strengthens the initiative of young people that offers open spaces in play centers for community outreach in their neighborhoods…


Provided Medication in Bolivia


In 2004, medicines were sent to Bolivia…

Earthquake Irán

Bam-Earthquake victims of 2003


The Bam earthquake was a terrible earthquake that hit southeast Iran during 26th December, 2003.

Flood 2004 – Various Projects

Ganges Delta

Due to the flood that have destroyed thousands of homes in the Delta of the Ganges, we have sent economic aid …

Sri Lanka – Tsunami (2004-2005)

Sri Lanka

In the wake of the tsunami in Southeast Asia, we sent a ship with 120 tons of humanitarian hope for all the victims of the city …

haiti 4

Haiti – Earthquake 2010


Center for 60 children including classrooms, an infirmary, a dining room and a room for games.