About the Hope and Joy Foundation

What is the Esperanza y Alegría Foundation?

The Esperanza y Alegría Foundation is an organization convinced that only through education  we promote the development of the people we are addressing and generate new opportunities. Read more about Our History.

Is the Esperanza y Alegría Foundation an NGO or not?

The Foundation, founded on May 25, 2001 as a non-profit organization, is registered with No. 28 / 1.199 in the General Subdirectorate of Foundations of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy. Read more about our transparency

What are our values?

Read more about Our Values

Who is the Foundation Board?

The Foundation´s team

How do we fund ourselves?

The foundation funds itself through various prizes won, donations recieved and benefit events held.

In what programs do we invest it?

Every year we make a budget for the Foundation which also dictates which projects we will invest in that given year. Therefore the project we are currently invested in change year to year.

About our Projects

What is the social purpose of the Esperanza y Alegría Foundation?

Our Social Goals

Do you have a social purpose in Spain?

Currently we have two projects in Madrid, Spain and we have finished four other projects in several cities across Spain. If you are interested in reading more about these projects, please go to our Ongoing Projects o Completed Projects.

What percentage of the resources generated are allocated to the social goal?

100%, 80% and 70% depending on the action plan of the project at hand.

Does the Foundation also receive external funds?

Yes, we receive both private and public financing.

Does Fundación Esperanza y Alegría facilitate humanitarian aid? What kind of help does it facilitate?

The Foundation focuses on education, social infrastructures, health and food security. We have many different humanitarian projects in many countries of the world. Read more about these projects in our pages Ongoing Projects o Completed Projects.

How does the Esperanza y Alegría Foundation act when an emergency occurs?

Read about our emergency help here

How can I make a donation for an emergency? Are there specific emergency accounts?

Yes, we do have a specific emergency accounts, therefore when donating simply specify you would like your donation to go toward this specific account.

About Donations

Is there a minimum donation and/or compulsory periodicity?

About Volunteering

What does it mean to become a member of the Esperanza y Alegría Foundation?

People can support the Foundation in many ways. As an individual you can make a donation or volunteer in one of our projects. As a Company you can support a particular project or the foundation in general.

What do volunteers for the Foundation do?

Read testimonials from past volunteers here

From what age can I participate in the Foundation?

The minimum age is 18 years old.

About Publications

How can I receive information about the Foundation?

We have a lot of information about the Foundation on our website. You can find newsletters and articles from our major events. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter and receive information about our events and projects by email.

Is my personal information protected?

Please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information about your online security.

About Tax Deductions

Can I recieve tax deductions?

Yes! Anytime you make a donation you are elegible for a tax deduction.

What information do I have to give to recieve a tax reduction?

We would need your fiscal data

Are receipts of donations and certificates provided?

Yes, whenever requested we can and will provide the wanted information.