Letter from Sagayaraj, St. Joseph Home

Hi everyone!

I am Sagayaraj, aged 15, residing at St.Joseph’s Home For Boys at Nazareth since 11 years. I joined the Home after completing my 5th grade. Now I am pursuing 9th grade at St.Thomas Higher Secondary School run by the Catholic Diocese of Tiruchirappalli at Nazareth.

My family lived in a remote village named Pugayilaipatty. My early life was full of tragedy. My mother Ms. Shimla died of fatal disease when I was an infant. My father Mr. Thomas could not recover from the shock and he left the village due to over stress and mental illness. His whereabouts is still a mystery. I was left an orphan and destitute. I was then brought up by Mr and Mrs. Sagayaraj, close relatives of my father, but they were finding it difficult to care for me due to their situation of utter poverty. Then they left me with Ms. Susheela Mary, my father’s Mother. She too struggled with no source of income to support me.

I was deprived of adequate food and nutrition and proper clothing. Knowing the pitiful situation and my plight, Fr.Earnest, the Parish Priest of Pugaiyilaipatty, near Dindigul, helped me join the St. Joseph’s Home for Orphan Children.

I like the Home very much and the inmates here. Most of them are like me hailing from difficult circumstances and background. I get three full square meal a day. I am able to attend school in the nearby campus. I am provided enough space for nurturing my talents.

I am an average students performing moderately in the academics. But I am fascinated to become soccer! I used to play football in the school. I am part of the Real Madrid Sponsored project in accessing soccer training in my school. The project is executed by TMSSS, Trichy through our school. I have been selected to play for the district level team. I have won a few matches for my school. My ambition is to become a best soccer! Now I am proud to declare that I am a district level soccer payer! I am given opportunity play football. I love my home and the colleagues. Also I like music and dancing.

I like going to school. The teachers encourage me and I am leading a happy life here. Though many children wish to go home for holidays, I rarely go to my grandma’s house. I do not want to be a burden to her at her old age. I stay here for most of the days during the summer holidays!

I am quite aware of the fact that I am supported by Fundacion Esperanza y Alegria. I am truly grateful to the foundation and I assure you that I will achieve my ambition in life and lead a productive life. I am thankful to all those who have been of some help to me in alleviating my poverty and deprivation.