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Mobile medical unit in COHAJ Hospital


As a result of the tsunami that hit south Asia in 2004, the sisters of the Catholic Congregation of Sta. Ana in Tiruchirapalli were responsible for giving health care …

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Rehabilitation Center Star Special School of St. Anne´s


The St. Anne’s Rehabilitation Center known as Star Special School, began its work in 1984 with 5 minor mentally disabled.

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5. Escuelas RM Nazareth

Socio-sports Schools Real Madrid of St. Thomas and St. Patrick

Nazareth, Tiruchirappalli

Since 2013, the Hope and Joy Foundation with TMSS and Real Madrid Foundation have launched the socio-sports schools in the Higher …

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6. Escuelas RM Trichy

Socio-Sports School of Real Madrid Higher Sec. School y Sacred Heart Hr. Sec. School

Nazareth, Tiruchirappalli

The creation of socio-sports schools in Nazareth, that does not have similar …

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Fr.Ignatious Potabilizadora

Installation of a purifying water plant in Sahaya Madha High school


Hope and Joy Foundation will fund during 2016 the installation of a water treatment at the school, while seeking …

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Hogares de San José y Madre Teresa: acogida y educación de menores


In 2012, the Foundation began working with the TMSSS, in a project that had for the reception and rehabilitation of street …

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10. Jesuraj_Laboratorios

Construction of a science laboratory in the St.Francis High School

Tamil Nadu

The new laboratory funded by the Foundation in 2015 to serve older students can successfully complete their studies …

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11. Karattuputhur

Construction and maintenance of the Annal Hope & Joy Special School for children with disabilities


The Foundation has been supporting the school since 2010 building and expanding the installations, improving its facilities …

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Casa de la esperanza

Home of Hope


Since 2006 Asha Shanti Foundation has been working in the Home of Hope in Chunabati (Kolkatta, India), with the aim of welcome street children, to cover their basic needs and to let them have access to education.

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Preventtion And treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

Preventtion and treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

Turichirapalli, India

In 2012, together with the Tiruchirapalli Multipurpose Social Service Society, the Foundation decided to implement this program to reduce mortality from tuberculosis and prevent disease transmission so no longer is considered a major health problem.

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Cestas Las Palmas

Support of poor families in risk of social exclusion in the neighborhood of Risco de San Nicolás

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

This project aims to continue the work done by our Foundation in the last for years, with the collaboration of the Dominican sisters …

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Cestas Madrid

Delivery of basic foods in El Pozo del Tio Raimundo


The purpose of the project is to achieve full social and labor integration of participants covering their basic needs in terms of food.

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Integración socio-laboral de jóvenes en riesgo de exclusión social en el Pozo del Tío Raimundo

Professional integration of youth at risk of social exclusion in the Pozo del Tio Raimundo


ocial exclusion is a localized problem in most of the southern neighborhoods of Madrid, where is located …

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Canat - Piura, Perú

Building capacity and skills for the integral development of children living in high-risk


This project strengthens the initiative of young people that offers open spaces …

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